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TS&G Supporting Materials

TS&G Supporting Materials

This page contains all of the other materials which were submitted by the Applicant that are part of the record of this matter but not necessarily part of the application itself.  This page also contains the reports submitted to the Town Board from the Town’s planning and legal consultants.
TSG Submitted FOIL (PDF - 3.3 MB)
Stephentown 2002 letter (PDF - 57.9 KB)
M.Toni EBT Transcript (PDF - 10.9 MB)
Pfaff Report (PDF - 412.0 KB)
9-20-12 - Nassau PH (PDF - 277.3 KB)
11-15-12 - Nassau-TS G (PDF - 312.5 KB)
11-29-12 Nassau PB (PDF - 186.6 KB)