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TS&G Application

TS&G Special Use Permit and Site Plan Application


(Note: This is excerpted from the 13 August 2012 Town counsel's notice)


Now that the special use permit application has been determined complete for purposes of referral to the Planning Board (and the Rensselaer County Department of Economic Development and Planning), the Town has provided additional materials and reorganized the webpage concerning this application as follows:



Click here for documents and materials that the Town Board determined to be part of the Application and to be complete for purposes of referring the special use permit application to the Planning Board for its review and recommendation process.



Click here for all of the other materials which were submitted by the Applicant that are part of the record of this matter but not necessarily part of the application itself.  This page also contains the reports submitted to the Town Board from the Town’s planning and legal consultants.



Click here for the 1986 Land Use and Development Regulations upon which this matter will be reviewed and processed along with the Stipulation and Order of May, 2010, the Preliminary Injunction of January, 2012, all other Court decisions rendered in the litigation on this matter, and the Mined Land Reclamation Law which also applies. 


Click here for pertinent correspondence (from the Applicant, agencies, Town counsel or officials, etc.) relating to the application or the application process as well as any other materials that may have been submitted.  


Click here for be the depository for written comments submitted by the public.


Click here for all notices of public hearings, comment periods and updates from the Town Counsel.



The Town will be providing updates on this matter on this website through each phase of the process.  The Town will provide ample notice of any and all hearings or public comment periods that are to be scheduled in this matter.


The Nassau Town Board has issued a final decision regarding the Troy Sand & Gravel Special Use Permit Application for an industrial hard rock quarry in the Town. This record may be found here.