Town of
Emergency Management


If you are in an emergency situation please dial 911.

In the event of a town-wide emergency, please note that the Tsatsawassa Fire House, 9 Fire House Road, Brainard, is the Town of Nassau approved Red Cross shelter.  Click here for a map of the area around the firehouse.

It is important that your household be prepared for an emergency situation.  As we know in Nassau, an emergency may happen in any season.  You need to plan ahead for safety.

In a town-wide emergency, the Town Supervisor may declare a local State of Emergency which allows for increased executive authority to direct the protection of the health and safety of the residents of Nassau.  This declaration will be communicated to local media along with information on available assistance.  It is extremely important that you are able to access this information.  Please be sure to have a battery powered radio or television available at all times to allow you to access emergency updates.

If you have special needs that require power such as oxygen equipment and medical apparatus, please be sure to contact your local fire company in advance of an emergency so that they are aware of your situation.  This will assist their efforts to reach out to community members to check their status and needs in an emergency.

There are many resources available on how to prepare for all types of disasters.  The key to keeping your household safe is to be prepared.  Please take the time to explore these resources in advance of need.  There are materials available at Nassau Town Hall to assist your emergency planning.

Finally, please don’t forget to plan ahead for your pets as well.  They will need your assistance and protection in an emergency.