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Natural Resource Committee

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The NRC’s mission statement is “to provide information to the Town Board to insure that the Town of Nassau’s natural, historic, scenic and cultural resources are preserved, enhanced and protected.”
Fred Nuffer
Chair Natural Resource Committee
Phone: (518) 674-2201
Andrew Davis
Rich Elder
Barbara Nuffer
Michael Roland
Public Fishing Rights Maps: Kinderhook Creek

This is a link to a document with detailed maps of access points for fishing on the Kinderhook Creek and a description of the fish available.


Gas Pipeline Report of the Town of Nassau Resources Committee - May 2015

The following is a "Report on the Potential Impacts to the Natural Resources from a Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline in the Town off Nassau" as presented to the Town Board on May 12, 2015. This report from the Town's Natural Resources Committee also includes significant information and sub-reports in the attachments section.